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Las Bolsas

The bags for helmets, Testa, provide design, durability and comfort, with maximum funtionality.

Each bag is carefully swn by hand to offer quality and unique product, making limited series of models in stock, or by order, making it exclusive and its own. 

Characteristics of each Testa bag

  • Fabrics: the main feature is the protection offered for the varnish of each helmet, taking care of scratches and cushioning small blows.

  • Tanca or Presa, of excellent quality, allows it to close perfectly with teh cord of the bag, preventing it from opening.

  • Strap,  provide comfort on the shoulder and security with respect to the laces of others bags.

  • Velcro, allows a quick opening of the belt, while adjusting the distance depending on the user.

Bolsas de cascos

Precio 50€

Bolsa de casco, Testa

Remallado que evita engancharse en un interior suave

Tanca metálica de Casco moto

Tanca metálica pavonada

Bolsa casco moto

Tanca de metal pavonado de excelente sujeción

Bolsa casco moto

Presa metálica de excelente sujeción

Tundosado bolsa casco

Tejido suave, protege y no araña el casco

Detalle de ojete para el cordón

Detalle del ojete para el cordón

Bolsa de casco moto

Velcro de fácil apertura y gradúa la distancia de la bandolera.

Calidad y diseño Testa

Calidad y diseño Testa

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