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El Sentido

We manufacture bags to carry and protect the helmet of each motorist, which is the most valuable piece of equipment. The ​key is a pioneering design, which is comfortable and attractive while allowing to combine with everyday clothing.


Only those who take care of themselves and their machine, are distinguished with personality.


Lou & Ber W&W
Apogeo W&W 2017
Hot road en Biarritz
la carpa de motos
Una barba y unas motos
ouhhhh yeah
Puturrú y motorrú
El mar con rollo
El mar
Humo y caucho
The Whales - Biarritz
Vert skate W&W
Nine T Racer ;)
Yamaha Yard Built y Testa
Nationale Frabique 1927
Toma rollo!
Cool Bikes
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